Saturday, May 23, 2009

Veterans Need Help from Government Now!

In the first hour, Dr. Ann Blake Tracy discussed the widespread use of antidepressants among US combat troops. on the show CoasttoCoastam sites; Captain Kathryn Joyce Riley who follows up with the Vets by going to visit them, talk with them, said that 90% of returning Veterans starting from The Gulf War up to the Irag war are on anti-depressents. Most are being treated in Vets hospitals. They are not getting anything like treatment, talk therapy, or working through the problem. Effexor is the drug that is mostly being used, with side effects of homicidal ideation and constant ruminating thoughts of killing, and different methods of killing. Here are other side effects from their Official Website: Effexor;
"You may have thoughts about suicide" and more...END

It is so important to listen to this show. A man calls in and tells us his son died in his sleep from a mixture of, klonipin, paxil Sereguil, Also some painkillers for injuries he had in a car accident. He was not getting better so they increased his Sereguil, he gained weight, head tremors, nightmares, and ended up dying in his sleep of respiratory failure due to intoxication of all of them he was taking together. The father called into the show, and talked to Stan, the father, did some research and found that four Soldiers died in their sleep in his area Charleston between Jan. 2008 to May 2008.

Seventy are now being investigated thanks to Stan. To email the father he gave his email>

Or you can go to:
or call 1-800-280- 0730 leave a message and they will get you to Stan.

Yesterday 5-22-09 Japan's Health Ministries/ their FDA. issued a warning that there is a causal connection from usage of anti-depressants/SSRI's to violence.
Japan is the only country that admits to their public that these SSRI's ARE causing all the violence. "Why is the United States not mentioning this? They mention some of the side effects on the commercials now, but not too much on violence."

Other drugs Vets are being put on are Paxil, Sereguil, Klonipin, pain killers. They are put on three at a time.
If they are helped in getting off, they can get their life back. They will get better with help! email>

(source) wikipedia; The first class of psychotropic drugs to be rationally designed, SSRIs are the most widely prescribed antidepressants in many countries.END

If they are not getting the counseling, and try to get off on their own, they will have horrible side effect.
DO NOT STOP TAKING ANY OF THESE DRUGS without your doctor's help, along with a counselor.



  2. They have gotten diseases from Agent Orange and forced vaccines for many years. Then they come home, and get tossed to the dogs!!!